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About The World Book Encyclopedia 2014

The SPINESCAPE® design for the 2014 edition—Vibrant World of Facts—represents, through the image of layers of colourful fabric, the beauty of discovery of the rich tapestry that is the world of knowledge. An important part of learning is the recognition that individual facts acquire relevance and meaning when they are understood to be part of a larger whole.  The World Book Encyclopedia, as a comprehensive, general reference work, presents and places in context information that spans all areas of knowledge, enabling users to explore a broad spectrum of facts and uncover the nature of their relationships.




Highlights of of The World Book Encyclopedia 2014:


• Dozens of new and expanded articles, including cyberbullying, electricity, Harlem Hellfighters,

  hydraulic fracturing, Kim Jong-un, macaroni penguin, microraptor, sit-in, skiing, and Xi Jinping

• Thousands of revisions across all topics and all types of data

• Comprehension questions, outlines, timelines, and related content lists for selected articles

  to enhance retention

• More than 25,000 rich photographs and illustrations

• Expert contributors, advisers, editors, and researchers collaborate to ensure that articles are

  understandable, accurate, and reflect current scholarship

• Structure and writing style facilitate use by a wide range of readers

• Dozens of QR code links to videos providing related content

The World Book Difference:

2014 Edition:

New or Revised Articles: 2,000

New or Revised Maps: 220

New Photos and Illustrations: 250

Revised Pages: 3,700

Percentage of Pages Revised: Over 30%


Since 2010 edition:

New or Revised Articles: 10,350

New or Revised Maps: 900

New Photos and Illustrations: 2,130

Revised Pages: 18,125



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