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About Learning Playground (10 Volumes)

Fun Activity Books for Children


Is there a better way to learn than through play? Learning Playground supports learning across a wide range of elementary curriculum topics through a combination of text to read and fun activities to do. The 10 fun activity books in this series are resources of fundamental information and correlated activities that support a broad spectrum of learning styles for kindergarten kids and elementary students.


Each richly illustrated activity book contains hands-on fun activities that reinforce children’s understanding of key elementary curriculum topics, including animals, plants, arts and crafts, numbers and shapes, energy and matter, the solar system, and weather. Activities range from simple tasks that can be performed alone to more challenging activities that may be performed individually or with the assistance of an adult. Examples of those fun activities include making a model of the solar system, creating simple tools for measuring weather, learning to detect animal tracks, making homemade musical instruments, testing the properties of matter, and many more.


The Learning Playground activity books were designed to match the curriculum for grades K-5. The books feature a playful design appropriate for the grade range and include hundreds of striking photographs and illustrations to reinforce children’s comprehension of concepts. A glossary, index, and list of additional print and Internet resources for further reading appear at the end of each volume.



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