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World Book Kids is a reference work designed with younger readers in mind. It includes a variety of features that will make this reference work appealing to young students. World Book Kids encyclopedia has thousands of articles written at the appropriate grade level for easy reading by younger readers. Its simple navigation enables students to find their way easily through the entire reference work. World Book Kids has engaging images, illustrations, and other rich media content that help bring the text to life for younger readers. Interactive games and activities join learning with fun. Audio clips of bird songs, popular and classical music, and national anthems enrich the learning experience of younger readers.


World Book Kids has special features that focus on people, places, and animals—three broad subject areas of interest to younger readers. The Important People feature provides a simple search and browse interface for younger readers to locate biography articles. What general reference work would be complete without maps? The numerous maps in World Book Kids enable younger readers to locate places in the world quickly and easily. Younger readers will also find the special feature called Compare Places useful in exploring and comparing countries, states, provinces, and continents.


Animals are always of interest to younger readers. The World of Animals feature provides younger readers with an easy-to-use tool for finding quick facts, images, videos, and web links about various animals. With a couple of clicks, younger readers can also compare the basic characteristics of pairs of animals.


Easy to use and loaded with information and special features, World Book Kids is the perfect reference work for younger readers.



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