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About Explore the Universe (10 Volumes)

Books about the Universe and Outer Space


For thousands of years, people have grappled with the mysteries of the sky. We are wondering, are we alone in the universe? Modern observatories enable Astronomers to study the universe. They have discovered that the universe is more magnificent than ancient Astronomers ever dreamed possible.


This highly illustrated, 10-volume series explores the origin of the universe and tours stars, galaxies, and other fascinating celestial objects beyond the solar system. Explore the Universe, together with Explore the Solar System, covers astronomy curriculums from early elementary to high school. Explore the Universe was “recommended” by Library Media Connection, which praised the series’ “exemplary design and content.”


Volumes in Explore the Universe discuss the structure and composition of the universe; physical characteristics of black holes and other celestial objects; theories about the origin of the universe; and tools and techniques for studying celestial objects.


Explore the Universe Titles include:


•  The Universe - A Cosmic Tour (on the origin of matter and the possible fate of the universe);

•  The Universe - Mysteries and Marvels (on the origin of the universe);

•  Stars - The Inside Story;

•  Stars - Birth and Death;

•  Galaxies;

•  The Milky Way;

•  Alien Planets;

•  Quasars and Black Holes;

•  Observatories on Earth;

•  Observatories in Space.


Each volume is presented in an easy-to-follow question-and-answer format. Many spreads include a “Did You Know?” feature that offers an interesting and little-known fact about objects and forces in the universe. In addition to large, colourful images, the volumes feature numerous illustrations and diagrams that explain scientific techniques used to study the origin of the universe and celestial objects and that supplement astronomy curriculums in major English-speaking markets for all target grades.



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