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About Explore the Solar System (10 Volumes)

This highly illustrated, 10-volume series introduces young students to the sun, planets, and other objects in the solar system and offers an exciting look at the history of human space exploration. Explore the Solar System, together with the companion set, Explore the Universe, covers astronomy curriculums from early elementary to high school. Explore the Solar System also incorporates the recent flood of new discoveries about our neighborhood in space. Booklist praised Explore the Solar System as “an engaging resource” that “would be a valuable addition for elementary-school and public libraries.”


Volumes in Explore the Solar System include Earth and Earth’s Moon; The Sun and Other Stars; Mercury and Venus; Mars; Jupiter and the Asteroids; Saturn and Uranus; Neptune, Comets, and Dwarf Planets; Galaxies and the Universe; Telescopes and Space Probes; Human Space Exploration


Each volume is presented in an easy-to-follow question-and-answer format. Large-type, easy-to-understand text, and hundreds of striking photos, illustrations, diagrams, and charts help students understand the nature of the solar system and the history of space exploration. Text and illustrations also work together to help visual learners and young students understand the scientific techniques used to study the origin and makeup of the solar system. Many spreads include a “Fun Fact” that offers an interesting and little-known fact about an object in the solar system. Explore the Solar System is designed to supplement astronomy curriculums in major English-speaking markets for all target grades. The volumes also feature a glossary, index, and list of additional print and Internet resources for further reading.



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