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About Early Peoples (16 Volumes)

Early Peoples throughout History and Today


World Book’s Early Peoples series is a 16-volume collection that examines such ancient civilizations of the Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans, amongst others. Six of the volumes cover North America’s Native Americans and Mayan and Aztec cultures. Each volume contains fascinating sections about the origins and rise of each civilization or culture; social structure and the role of women; methods of warfare; daily life and customs; diet; housing; legal system; religion, spiritual beliefs, and holidays; advances in science; arts and crafts; eventual decline; and the culture’s legacy in the modern world.


The cultures examined in the set include: Africans of the Ghana, Mali, and Songhai empires; ancient Egyptians; ancient Greeks; ancient Romans; Australian Aborigines; the Aztec; Chinese of the Shang, Zhou, and Qin Dynasties; the Inca; Indians of eastern North America; Indians of the Northwest Coast and Plateau; Indians of the plains and Great Basin; Indians of the Southwest; the Maori of New Zealand; the Maya; peoples of the Arctic and Subarctic; and the Polynesians.


Each volume of Early Peoples features a fact box on every spread highlighting fascinating information and key concepts about the ancient culture. Summary boxes at the end of each section give a brief overview of the subject, making the content accessible to readers at all skill levels. The back matter in each volume includes an index and a glossary that defines key content words, which appear in boldface in the text. World Book’s Early Peoples was designed to correlate with standard curricula in social studies.



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