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Digital Libraries offer an online, interactive complement to several of World Book’s most popular print non-fiction series: Early Peoples,

Inventions and Discoveries, and Living Green.  Each library features all the information found in the print set as well as added bonus material including videos and animations, interactive features, lesson plans, curriculum correlations, and external web resources.

Key Features:

•  Clear content helps students deepen their understanding of core curriculum topics in science and social studies.

•  Translation tool generates content in more than 30 languages.

•  English-language read-aloud feature makes subject matter accessible to readers of varying abilities.

•  Video tutorials and animations help visual learners grasp difficult concepts.

•  Printable materials for classrooms empower teachers to extend the learning beyond the website’s content.

•  Correlations to Common Core, state, and provincial standards help teachers achieve curricular goals while

   integrating new media into the classroom.



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