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About Animal Lives (7 Volumes)

Which frog is more poisonous than the deadliest snake? What prehistoric duck grew to more than 8 feet (2.4 meters) tall? Why do lizards bask in the sun? Books in the Animal Lives series provide the answers to such questions and explore many other fascinating facts about animals. A 2010 Editor’s Choice selection from Library Media Connection, this comprehensive series introduces the main animal groups, providing key life science curriculum content for grades K-5.


Volumes in the Animal Lives series includes:


•  Amphibians

•  Birds

•  Fish

•  Insects and Spiders

•  Mammals

•  Mollusks and Similar Sea Creatures

•  Reptiles


Through captivating examples of both familiar and unusual animals, readers will learn about the physical features, behaviours, and adaptations of different animals in each animal group, a key part of the life science curriculum for the elementary years. The volumes also provide up-to-date information about endangered animals and conservation efforts.


Each volume includes 48 highly illustrated pages, a glossary, an index, and a list of print and Internet resources for further reading. Such activities as quizzes and research projects appear at the end of each volume to further engage children in the subject matter. The volumes also include fun facts that draw the reader into the content.



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