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Books about Science, Space, History and the World for Kids


How do polar animals survive the bitter cold? When was the Internet invented? How much does a suit of armour weigh? How do astronauts take showers in space? Books in the A Look At… series answer such questions, taking kids on a journey through different ages and locations around the globe and beyond. This eight-volume science learning library covers a wide range of high-interest topics, providing cross-curricular content for elementary and middle school students.


Each volume in the A Look At… series introduces a high-interest topic through clear, readable text that illuminates major facts and concepts for kids. Volumes in the series include The Age of Knights and Castles, Icy Worlds, Insects and Spiders, Inventions and Discoveries, The Sea and Its Marvels, Space Exploration, Voyages of Exploration, and Wonders of the World. Together, the volumes comprise a captivating learning library that will delight inquisitive minds.


These beautifully illustrated volumes were designed with visual learners in mind. The books feature striking photographs, illustrations, and maps to support children’s understanding of the material. The inventive page design embeds text in illustrations to hold the reader’s attention. The text is structured to emphasize main points and facilitate comprehension and retention.


Each volume includes fact boxes and sidebars that offer fascinating details to further readers’ understanding of the  material. A glossary, index, and list of additional print and Internet resources for further reading appear at the end of each book.



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